Weekly Braindump #31

Learning at lunch and Delays.

I’ve been working on…

  • Kick started the ‘lunchtime learning / lightening talks’ experiment. Proved to be popular! (Perhaps a bit too popular?) Lots of people who want to attend, but not many speakers as yet. More work to be done in the coming week coaxing them out. Interesting debate around whether managers/directors should come along or stay away. My guiding principle at the moment is ‘leave your job title at the door’.
  • Had a really interesting chat about the factors that cause inertia in the workplace. What sort of conditions do we need to create so that people are more amenable to change? I suspect resilience is a key part of it. Giving people the tools/authority/support to take calculated risks and continuously learn.
  • On a similar theme, had an interesting chat about the role curiosity plays in change. If you’re not curious, how willing will you be to keep experimenting, learning and improving?
  • FINALLY got [insert project name here] up and running after six months of delays and false starts due all manner of issues outside my immediate control. I’ve been keen to get it into key users hands as early as possible as the original scope is super dated. Good to be underway and picking our way through things that do/don’t work.
  • Helped hire a new person for the team (yay!). That should enable us to move out of survival mode.

I’ve been reading…

I’ve been listening to…

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