Day Notes – 07/11/23

  • Intellectually interesting stuff coming out of this ChatGPT event. We’re probably not too far off people being able to automate things with their own flavours of GPT trained with your own datasets. And I think it’s safe to assume we’re all going to be part of that experiment in one way or another. –
  • In the way that you get a feel for what AI generated art looks like, I wonder if we’ll develop the same sense for AI generated written content?
  • Procedurally generated content has been knocking around the gaming world for a while. Contemporary case in point, No Man’s Sky. Whilst it enables infinite possibilities in theory, typically people can always sense the machinery behind random generated worlds, and so the illusion is broken. And so I wonder if it’s going to be the same with any other creative endeavour that’s generated through automation. Yeah.. it’s quicker and easier to generate this stuff than craft it ourselves… but it might feel a little derived? A bit souless?

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