Day Notes – 21/11/23

  • Products and services should trend toward commoditisation as standards emerge and it becomes cheaper to mass produce. It’s interesting to think about your typical key IT business systems and why some are quite expensive whilst also being stuck in a no mans land between customisation and standardisation. And to be fair, I’m not sure that’s wholly a software or supplier problem. If the main challenge is process and data, standardising those things should make those challenges easier. And whilst some standards exist, they remain (at least it seeems to me) novel in terms of use.
  • Thinking today about technology choices, and not just whether it’s fit for purpose, but also the accumlative cost of getting it to do so. Building stuff in-house can be an expensive and complicated endeavour. Yep, means you own the whole problem and remove external constraints or blockers. But you also own the whole problem.

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