Thoughts on structuring weeknotes for 2019

I really missed writing regular weeknotes last year, so I’m determined to get back into the practice this year.

To create a habit I usually find it’s helpful to have some sort of structure so that I don’t have to think too hard and can autopilot my way into it.

I’m writing this down here as it’s a useful mechanism to order my own thoughts!

Basically I was thinking of doing weeknotes in 4 seasons, lined up with yearly quarters. Some of my work is arranged around quarters, so it sort of makes sense bring reflections in line with those.

This is more or less what I’m on about…

A quarterly review will also help keep track of some personal goals that I want to chip away at this year.

I’d also like to chop my weeknotes back to the irreducible core to make them compatible with life (aka. currently I don’t really have the capacity on Friday nights & weekends to be tapping away at my keyboard like I used to). So I guess the question is, what’s the minimum amount of detail I can provide whilst still being a useful reflective tool?

I’m also thinking that a blow by blow account of the week feels less useful at the moment. So I’m thinking of switching back to something more closely resembling my old braindump format which was a slightly more abstract mixture of thoughts and observations.

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