Weekly Braindump #13

Turning Ships Around, Basic Income and The Calm Company.

I’ve been working on…

  • Trying to drag myself out of bed. Those 6am starts in January are tough!
  • Rolled out the digital app for the board to two more people. Feedback on the prototype has been minimal as it seems not much has been added documentation wise of late — so people have found it tricky to use it in a representative fashion. Should know more in February when the next load of board papers are submitted.
  • We’ve been talking about Turn The Ship Around this week. Stimulated an interesting debate on how empowered staff are and whether there are subtle differences between operational empowerment and strategic empowerment. I’ve not read the book yet, but it had me wondering if this approach reinforces hierarchy + silos or helps loosen them up.

I’ve been reading…

I’ve been watching / listening to…

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