Weekly Braindump #22

Kanban, SPAM, Thankyou Mam?

I’ve been working on..

  • Determined not to reapeat another week of being stuck in the mire, I purchased a stack of post-it notes on Monday morning and embraced the kanban! I setup a really basic kanban board in the middle of our office and started noting down all the work that needed to be done for the week. It been an interesting experiment and I’ll elaborate on my learnings in a separate post. But I think this warrants another week of use to refine how each block of work is defined, allocated and finished.. and of course assess whether anyone finds it useful.
  • I’ve spent a chunk of time getting to the bottom of (more) email issues. It’s a complicated setup which required a mixture of self-hosted and cloud based servers to send email for the same domain — all whilst avoiding looking like SPAM. What at first was being thought of as a single issue actually turned out to be four separate things. I’ll be totally happy if I don’t have to fiddle with anything email related for a while.

I’ve been reading..

I’ve been listening to..

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