Weekly Braindump #48

Pizza & A Rant

Stuff I’ve been doing…

I revived my lunchtime learning concept (which had a much longer hiatus than intended) and reached out to some people who had made pitches previously to see if I could get the ball rolling again. I am kicking myself about leaving this so long because I feel like I’ve lost some crucial momentum. Fingers crossed, that momentum is recoverable.

What else?

I stayed back late one day to roll out a new software update to our board members. My lovely colleagues stayed on after hours with me to help out. There was some bribery involved in the form of pizza.

What else?

I’ve had some interesting chats about supporting teams & systems post implementation. Being a small department, it can be really hard to strike the balance between working on new things whilst maintaining and improving the existing things (not to mention killing the old things).

I was reading the Agile Manifesto today and I began thinking about how we might organise for constant change. What systems would we choose? Which suppliers would we work with? Would we even do ‘projects’ anymore? With so much change on the horizon due to welfare reform, it just feels like we need the ability to be far more responsive to emerging needs.

What else?

I’ve been thinking about digital leadership a lot this week.. particularly in the context of housing associations. I’m worried because much of the conversation about technology is couched in terms of governance (I don’t know if this is a symptom of IT often being bundled in with Finance). Obviously.. we need our technology to be safe and secure.. but that’s not the only conversation in town.

  • Who’s got a vision to free us from the confines of the 9–5 office?
  • Who’s promoting the use of modern digital collaborative tools that cut out needless duplication and break down silos?
  • Who’s taking the friction out of services by putting user needs first?
  • Who’s doing the hard work to bring open standards to the housing sector to stop reinventing the wheel a thousand times over?
  • Who’s building agile multi-discplinary teams to deliver results faster?
  • Who’s thinking about ways to publish Open Data to make it easier to work with other sectors, businesses or individuals?

And if anyone *is* doing any of the above… HOW ABOUT TALKING ABOUT THE SPECIFICS MORE OPENLY AND SHARING GOOD PRACTICE? Because that’s the digital leadership the sector really needs. This stuff is really hard, and we need more examples or what works.. or doesn’t.. to make collective progress.

/rant over

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