Weeknotes – Ending 01/09/23

Thoughts from the week…

  • It’s been a brisk two day working week. Although those two days felt a bit like trying to pack the remainder of the week into them. Very productive but I was grateful of an extra long weekend to recover.
  • “Don’t trust anyone’s estimate of where they spend their time unless you make it safe for them to tell you where they’ve spent their time”. This is from John Cuttler’s newsletter on improving the competence of teams which is broadly right on the money when he says that blame is often attributed to individuals, but it’s often a slew of other contributing factors that make a team productive, or not.
  • I’ve been thinking about the consolodation of tools and improving workflow. Trying to strike the balance between leaning and simplifying and all the associated time and effort it takes to do that. I think there’s always a point at which you hit diminishing returns, so it’s trying to change things just enough to make a positive difference. And perhaps it’s sensible to do this in an iterative way anyway to regular scan for unintended consequences?

Interesting things…

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