Weeknotes – Ending 03/11/23

Thoughts from the week…

  • I started dabbling with ‘day notes’ as part of NaBloPoMo. Seems foolhardy given I’ve only just got back into a weekly blogging rhythm, but I’ve nothing to lose and.. something to gain? Although I’m not sure what as yet. Some people do NaBloPoMo to get into the habit of writing and avoid procrastinating about the output. Maybe that’s my goal?
  • Sometimes you catch the trains just at the wrong time and an otherwise short trip home becomes an epic journey.
  • It has been opined to me before that the private sector is more efficient and organised than the public or third sector because capitalism. I have two separate examples this week that suggest otherwise. I know, it’s an unfair generalisation both ways. I think I’m just frustrated and that’s usually a good sign that something needs to change.
  • With the clocks changing and the sudden plunge into dark evenings, I’ve been keen on getting out in the daylight during some portion of the working week. That’s been a little less enjoyable in the driving wind and rain. But a blast of the elements is probably still good for clearing the cobwebs out, right?
  • I had a conversation with someone about coaching this week. Whilst I’m naturally self reflective, I’m always aware that I might have blind spots that I need help seeing. Or perhaps giving me confidence that I’m doing the right things to uncover them?

Interesting stuff…

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