Weeknotes S1 E1 2020

Happy New Year!

  • Phew! Quite a sprint start to 2020, but it also proved to be a productive week in picking up pre-Christmas threads and starting to move things along again.
  • Comparatively speaking, I’ve got blocks that are trundling along quite happily whilst others require a good deal of time and energy to maintain forward progress. This is a reminder that it would be hugely useful to sit down and try to understand why those different conditions exist so I can help amplify the good.
  • Over the Christmas break, I was thinking about how to encourage more dot joining in the digital (digital = tech & design) space in social housing. Typical networky things are usually specific to profession and often tied to a physical meeting time/place. I also have an assumption that we’ve got lots of tech people, but comparatively less design people. What’s the alternative look like? Inclusive to anyone interested? Low barrier to participate? Asynchronous?
  • I finished The Pheonix Project as part of my Christmas reading. Proved to be a useful way to launch into the New Year as it got my brain whirring about how we might ‘deploy’ more often to ensure value isn’t stuck in the system as work in progress. It also got me thinking about where work sometimes has to move backwards before moving forwards again (rework) and why that happens. I’ve added the ‘Time in list’ powerup to our team Trello board to get some visibility on this.
  • I started reading Hello World.

I’ve been reading…

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