Weeknotes S1 E3 2020

  • After a drought in terms of blog post writing, I’ve started 3 different ones this week. Although admittedly, I’ve not yet managed to finish any of them. 🤷‍♂️ But hey, that’s progress, right? Sometimes just the act of writing the draft feels useful to get unstuck.
  • Whilst I didn’t attend UK GovCamp last weekend, it’s definitely shaped conversations this week. In no small way that’s thanks to Polly Thompson bringing lots of interesting conversations back to the office, and also the stream of tweets, session notes and blog posts. Proof, I think, that unconferences do generate ripples outside of the immediate place and time that they occur.
  • I’ve been searching for a good way to explain agile to senior leaders. I took to Twitter to ask the question and received lots of really excellent pointers. Plenty of to follow up on next week. This is the best Twitter and it’s only made possible by kind and generous people. 🙂

I’ve been reading…

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