Weeknotes S1 E3

Rage Against The Legacy IT

What frustrated me?

In two words, Microsoft Exchange. I’m sure I’ve written a tirade about the absence of usability in Enterprise IT, so I’ll spare us both. But to summarise, legacy Enterprise tech is a time consuming black hole. Get rid of it as soon as you can. Save yourselves!!

What did I let go of?

This week I let go of some things I wanted to do because I recognised new emerging priorities were making them hard to deliver. Previously I might have tried to do them anyway and risked burning myself out. Yay learning from experience!

How will I behave differently (next week)?

I’m enjoying the mantra of less is more. I’m going to try and retain my laser focus next week and move the important stuff along rather than get waylaid by the minor stuff (pending legacy IT throwing a wobbly again).

What did I do this week that I do every week?

Weeknotes! Quite pleased I’ve been able to maintain my very short run. I really struggled earlier in the year for a variety of reasons. This new shorter format featuring SatoriLab’s reflective questions is much easier to work with, but as I mentioned to Dyfrig Williams, I’m not yet sure if reduced input equates to reduced output. Going to stick with it for at least another couple of weeks and review.

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