Weeknotes S1 E5

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What did I learn?

Learned some hugely interesting stuff through doing a first iteration of customer journey map with our rents team, including starting to wrap our heads around the practicalities of customer journey mapping itself. It immediately picked out some well known friction points but also highlighted some hidden ones too.

We only did about 2 hours on the map (our meeting spot was an air-con free zone and I genuinely felt my brain melting) but we’ve got the bare bones down. Next steps are to make it more readable/understandable and put it in front of more people, especially those who use the service to pay rent.

How will I behave differently?

I’ve been re-reading Liminal Thinking by Dave Gray. Many of the limitations that we impose on ourselves are self imagined boundaries based on our underlying beliefs about the world around us.

“Boundaries give life structure which makes us comfortable. But they can also be shifted, rethought, reframed, and reorganised.”

I am guilty of sometimes blindly presuming the things I can and can’t do — especially when I’m not paying attention to the stuff that might be holding me back (hence weeknotes).

Next week I’m going to try out a different belief or behaviour. What if I was the sort of person who <insert thing I’d like to do here>? What does that feel like? Was it better or worse than I imagined?

What will I do tomorrow?

Rest. I am currently feeling slightly frazzled despite having had a pretty productive week. I think this is mostly through my own habit of trying to solve things by spending every waking moment attempting to out-think them…which I acknowledge is a huge waste of time & energy in most cases. The feedback loop doesn’t work if you’re just thinking rather than also doing & observing.

So, at times like these I have to be more intentional about disconnecting, slowing down and tuning out. Notifications off. Phone is going away. Have a good weekend. See you Monday! 🙂

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