Weeknotes S2 E2 2020

  • These weeknotes are almost running into this week’s weeknotes.. but meh! What is time in lock down world?
  • We ticked off a strand of work of work that counts toward a larger goal of ‘fixing the plumbing’. This is good. 🙂
  • The broader goal of ‘fixing the plumbing’ remains a bit of a marathon. Much of this work entails organisational archaeology to track back through previous decisions decide what to keep/discard. Sometimes the people who made those decisions have moved on elsewhere. This can feel like slow moving, un-glamourous graft. But the upshot is that the hard work done here to remove redundant complexity, eases the cognitive load of colleagues and should “make it easy to do the right thing”.
  • I’ve been pondering mergers and acquisitions amongst tech suppliers and how sometimes, the hard work make that collection of products coherent and work well together just isn’t done on anything but a very surface level (if I was being extremely cynical, I’d say it can stop at the sales brochure). And worst still, the cost of that lack of coherence is passed to the customer every time you try to change something. *deep breaths*
  • The week ended with a four day weekend which was a nice opportunity to disengage my brain from work for a while and just waft around and do things that I don’t usually have time to do.
  • I’ve just discovered Grayson Perry’s Art Club. I’ve really enjoyed hearing different people talking about their creative process and where their inspiration comes from. I think it’s interesting that creating something, which can feel very personal and showing it to someone else is a vulnerable act. You’re voluntarily opening yourself to praise or criticism, maybe both? But the feedback is what unlocks improvement and perhaps even the desire or motivation to keep doing it.

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