Weeknotes S2 E4 (2019 Edition)

Happy Friday! Today is my 2472nd and last working day in Cadwyn (ish *[2]).

It turns out that leaving your job is the ultimate in reflective practice. What have I been doing? What’s left to do? Who do I need to impart this information to? What capabilities have we got? What capabilities might we need?

I remember once having conversation with someone about ‘legacy’ and what you leave behind. I’ve never particularly bought into the idea because change is normal and life moves on.

We build stuff together, but eventually it either evolves into something else with the help of someone else or it’s replaced entirely by something new (and hopefully better!). I’m okay with that because it seems more natural and organic.

For me, part of the mantra of working openly is generosity. It’s giving the people around you an opportunity to take what you’ve done and improve it with their own contributions, or taking someone elses work and contributing your own work. And in that sense, the things we work on become larger than any one person. It’s the antithesis of heroic leadership.

I’m not saying I’m against building static monuments which are important reminders of the past, but perhaps they don’t fit in the context of work which should be gently evolving? In technology circles, legacy usually equates to inflexible, dated and intertia inducing!

I’ve had lingering fancy to do some vinyl stickers as a fan of putting other people’s stickers on things I use for work. There was a time that I knew how to use Photoshop, but that time is not now, so I resorted to Canva which was limited in features but quick to knock something up. Here’s my attempt at a small & cheap first run…

My first attempt at stickers. (This is for everyone, Work Out Loud, Digitally Enabled Social Housing, Trust The Team)

So, that’s all folks. Relatively short weeknotes so I can finish up a final few things before I enjoy the rest of the day and waving goodbye to people.

Have a good weekend. See you on the other side!

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  • [1] – I would later find out that some of these stickers were not so easy to remove! 😬
  • [2] – This figure excludes bank holidays.. but not holiday leave and sickness.. because I couldn’t be bothered to work that out over the course of ten years. 🙂

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