Weeknotes S2 E6 (2019 Edition)

Hello! Happy.. err.. Wednesday?

As with last week, my weeknotes were curtailed by social events occuring on my usual weeknoting day. This is not the norm reader. I do not have the constant and varied social life that this might otherwise dipict. 😉

I’ve decided to just plough on with writing these things even if they are super late OR short on content between posts. It feels more important to keep the habit going even if the output isn’t as polished and complete as I’d like (.. and there’s a whole internal argument I’m having with myself here about why weeknotes *should* be a messy representation of work in progress)

So, what happened? *cue much frowning as I try to force my brain back in time 7 days*

  • Inductions to learn about different areas of the organisation.
  • Some high level tours of key systems and what they do.
  • A bit more refinement of the system map I started the week before so I could better orient myself with regards to what’s what.
  • A whilststop tour of the organisation’s mechanism for setting objectives.
  • Some initial thought about where to start with digital service delivery.
  • Pondering the best tool for version control of lots of small scripts and documentation (currently thinking Github or similar).

Last week I remarked on how squishy my brain felt due to trying to absorb lots of new information. Definitely seemed less so this week as I start to establish new routines and habits and don’t have to think about quite so many things which might otherwise autopilot my way through.

Onwards! ✊

I’ve been reading…

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