Weeknotes S3 E7 2020

Back to school, This is the work & Succint.

Back to school

I’m giving us a solid B- in terms of organisational effort. We made it through the week without having to cajole anyone too much or frantically searching the house for one or more things before we could leave.

I mean, yes.. I almost forgot to collect my children one day this week due to getting too absorbed in work and sailing past all my carefully set alarms/alerts (hence not an A grade) but on the plus side I enjoyed a nice afternoon run. 🙂

The school pickup/dropoff is actually proving to be a nice break in the day to get out and walk (…with kids and dog in tow).

Remote Interviews

I wrote a thing pulling together some learning about remote interviews. If you’re interested, you can read that via this link: https://medium.com/my-scratch-pad/conducting-good-remote-interviews-7c5799478245

This is the work

This is a mantra I often say to myself when things pop up that seem like a diversion or blocker on the way to the primary goal. It’s a reminder that the wiggly detours are also part of the work. That it’s an opportunity to learn some thing or move something in the right direction.

It might not seem very motivational or inspiring on the face of it. But I do find it a comforting reminder that the route from A to B can be wiggly and that it’s entirely normal and sometimes even desireable.


Short weeknotes this week. Partially because it’s 11pm as I write these and my brain has decided to stop co-operating. Rather than give into the urge to let these languish in my drafts I’m hitting the publish button! More coherent thoughts next week.

I’ve been reading/listening to…

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