Weeknotes — Week Ending 25/02/22

Stand Up

Another week done! I‘d say this week has been one third recruitment, one third team focused and one third project focus. It’s also been half-term, and I’ve luckily been mostly released from parental responsibilities as my kids have been out and about with grandparents (hooray for grandparents!).

Good things

  • The week has flown by!
  • It’s been nice to see something other than wind and driving rain.
  • I got some motorised legs for my office desk so that I can switch between sitting and standing. First day using them as I type this. So far so good!
  • Had some good chats with potential candidates for a post we’ve got vacant.
  • Small but really pleasing progress on developing our low code capability.
  • I went into the office for a day. It was a nice change. Got me thinking about other modes of work outside the binary of office or home in which most of the debate is framed.

Difficult things

  • The week has flown by!
  • When you put sales people in account manager positions, every problem looks like a sales opportunity. It is not.
  • I’ve been trying to fill some gaps on a thing that doesn’t play to my strengths. It’s been a frustrating experience, which seems predictable in retrospect!
  • The problems are at the boundaries. (I should just include this in every weeknote by default)

Learned things

Interesting things

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