Braindump: Season 2, Episode 1


Hello! Happy 2018!

Some quick housekeeping. I’m still not entirely settled on the format for this season of Braindumps, so expect some variation whilst I find the sweet spot between being informative & concise.

Also, I don’t plan on doing another 52 of these things consecutively, so will likely break seasons where appropriate.

I’ve been doing…

  • First week back in work, so plenty of diving through email and trying to pick up the thread left pre-Xmas break.
  • I’ve experienced the considerable shock of having to get up at 5:30am once more after spending two weeks luxuriating in bed till 9.
Bill knows the score.
  • I spent some time looking at what I did last year and got mildly frustrated that I wasn’t further along in some areas (perhaps erroneously). Some helpful advice from Louise Cato prompted to write this short musing on why feedback loops are important (to me).
  • I’ve been thinking about how to set some goals for this year. Dyfrig Williams sent me some interesting info courtesy of Jason Fried on the benefits of *not* planning ahead too far. I’m thinking that I need something that displays intent, but is open to change as required. Personal Roadmap?

I’ve been listening to…

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