Braindump: Season 2 Episode 2

Dog Tired

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  • Mostly, imitating a zombie. A mixture of child and dog related sleepless night shenanigans saw me flying on fumes for much of this week. Apart from Thursday night in which I got glorious NINE HOURS of solid undisturbed sleep after which I felt like my battery had been recharged by 200% and my brain was functioning like that dude from Limitless.
You youngsters won’t remember the time when this was the standard quality of superhero films.
  • I’ve been pondering whether there’s any scope for GOV.UK’s Notify service in Social Housing having seen this tweet about its rollout to the NHS. We currently use a mixture of different notification platforms for different bits of services. That’s mostly determined by the system vendor and who they’ve chose to integrate with. That means managing different pots of SMS credits (on different rates) and having limited control of the content and frequency of the notifications themselves. Feels like an area that’s ripe for a bit of simplification and standardisation. Thanks to the wonder of Twitter, Jyoti Basuita very helpfully put me in touch with Egle Uzkuraiyte to have a bit of a chat about this. Watch this space.
  • Our Chief Exec asked for some suggestions on further improving openness and transparency. I’ve always felt our workplace is reasonably high trust and values autonomy. The spots in which we need to improve are really in trying to better coordinate when you’ve got lots of people who are all trying to make things better. I don’t think this is specific to us. If you look at other organisations who have tried to embrace a less hierarchical approach, there’s always a balancing act of enabling people to fix things they know to be wrong and having structure to keep the collective aligned. This is the sort of work I’ll gladly keep grinding away at because I think it’s really important!!

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