Braindump: Season 2 Episode 5

Super Tardy Bumper Edition

I’ve been doing…

Hello… welcome to Braindump: Super Tardy Bumper Edition. I totally skipped doing a post last week (despite having had it mostly written up) and then I somehow managed to drift through till today (Monday) to write this weeks up. I suspect this is a result of some spectacular self-deception as I’ve been finding all manner of distractions and interruptions to avoid my usual weekly reflective routine.

I’ve found that the times that these things are really hard to write are normally also the times where it’s important to write them.. or at the very least contemplate why I don’t want to write them.

Instead of fiddling with my phone on the train to work this morning I made a conscious effort to stop and reflect on my non-reflection.

  1. My ‘work in progress’ pile has been steadily creeping up on me and I’ve been remiss in keeping it under control. It mostly consists of the not-urgent-and-mildly-routine (aka.. my own personal kryptonite). I suspect it’s exerting a good portion of demotivational drag.
  2. There are two bits of work that are currently on hold that I’ve realised I derive quite a bit of satisfaction and purpose from. I think I’m keenly feeling the absence of doing this work and as a result feel like I’m not learning as much and have less to reflect on.
  3. My mantra for this year is… ‘You can do anything, but you can’t do everything’. There are some non-work-related things that I’m trying to focus on. To make headspace to do these things it means I almost certainly have to stop doing other things because I feel I’m hitting the limit in terms of diminishing returns. I think I’m experiencing some discomfort from trying to change where my time is *normally* invested. I’m usually pretty good a tracking my progress work-wise, but less so for the non-work stuff.. which is perhaps why I’m freaking out about feeling like I’m drifting somewhat.

What can I do about this?

For starters, I need to smash that work in progress to get the ‘I ticked something off the list’ endorphins flowing again. If work has hit a bit of (hopefully temporary) lull in terms of challenge, I should probably embrace it as it’ll enable me to pour more of my time and energy into the non-work stuff that I intend to tackle. And lastly, I need to be better about tracking my non-work related goals because I’m liable to get fed up and resort back to old habits if I don’t feel progress is being made.

Apologies for subjecting you to that mini-counselling session. Here’s some interesting stuff to read to make up for it. 🙂

I’ve been reading…

I’ve been listening to…

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