Day Notes – 04/06/23

Trying a bit of an experiment for weekend activities. Most of which are going to be entirely non-work related. Thought being that half of my challenge at the moment is just getting into the flow of writing stuff on a regular basis. So perhaps writing about (mostly?) non-work stuff on the weekend helps with that aim?

I’m also testing out the bullet point approach as mentioned by Dave Briggs in this blog post. I do sporadically journal stuff privately using Logsec, which uses a very similar format. It has the advantage of being nice and brief and focused primarily on getting stuff written down without overly worrying about post structure, headings etc.

  • I’ve been tinkering with a wireless LED display that’s powered by a wirelessly connect microcontroller.
    • I bought a Galactic Unicorn a couple of weeks ago, which is basically a swanky addressable LED panel that’s driven by an in-built Rasperberry Pico W. It’s a microcontroller that runs on micropython. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do with it when I purchased it, I just thought it was a pretty cool thing. I’ve been trying to get it to display random ChatGPT generated responses based on some creative prompts. I’ve got the python code working minus the display. So just need to figure out how I need to adapt it to run using micropython. Or perhaps run the python code in one place and only send the message to the microcontroller. Hmm.. not sure what’s best yet.
  • I read a chunk of The Service Organisation. I’m approx 30% of the way through. Rather than my usual approach of making notes as I go through and marking up pages, I’m trying to whip through at speed and then revisit the sections later for note taking. I feel like I need to get sight of the whole thing start to finish before I know which bits are particularly useful for my context of doing any of this in *not* a large organisation.
  • I watched a fair bit of motorsport.
    • F1 Spanish GP didn’t really hold my attention. I don’t know if that’s because I was busy doing other things, or that it was slightly dull. Good result for Merc. Ferrari appear to have take a few steps backward.
    • Indycar Michigan. In contrast I was expecting a bit of a dull race given it looked like quite a tight, twisty street circuit. But was fairly action packed. In comparison to F1, the cars seem to be able to take some bumps. Surprising amount of jostling through the tight corners. Very entertaining. Having watched all the Indycar races this year, my only slight reservation is that it seems like it requires a massive dose of luck to win a race. Makes it an interesting spectacle. And there’s no doubt about the driver skill as you watch them frantically wrestling the cars around bends , which is a stark contract to the precision of F1. But results can seem a bit random sometimes!
  • I watched the first episode of the Halo TV series. Didn’t manage to make it to the end. Not aggresively bad. Just nothing to particularly hold my attention. I hear that it doesn’t improve so might ditch that.
  • I didn’t manage to get around to watching the latest episode of Silo. I feel like it’s a bit of a slow burn, but as someone who loved Andor because it took time with the characters to flesh them out, I’m okay with this.
  • I did manage to watch the last episode of Ted Lasso. Bit speculative of some of the writing mid-season, but I think I think did a good job of resolving most of the character arcs.
  • If you like Ted Lasso, and you’ve not watched Shrinking, I would highly reccomend you watch Shrinking. <whispers> I think it might actually be a bit better than Ted Lasso. </whispers>

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