Day Notes – 01/11/23


That’s National Blog Posting Month if you’ve not come across it before, which takes place every November.

This is a bit of an experiment to see if I can maintain the habit of daily blog posting. I do a bit of private journalling to unpack thoughts. But that’s usually as and when I need to do it rather than a daily habit, so confidence isn’t high that I’ll be able to maintain this. But hey! Let’s give it a go and see what happens.

I think it’s fair to say, this is going to be a bit of a stream of consciousness rather than anything that’s particularly well thought out or structured. But perhaps there’s some value in not overthinking it? We’ll see!


With the clocks changing, I’ve been especially intent on making sure I see some daylight. Although I LOVE the winter, the dark morning and evenings usually start grinding me down by the time we get to January.

In practice that has meant opening blinds to get as much natural light as possible indoors. Making sure I get outside on a daily basis for a walk and some fresh air. Generally making sure I’m doing something active for some portion of the day to offset hibernation mode.


I had a conversation with someone about coaching (recieving, not giving). I’m a naturally reflective person, but I’ve been pondering recently if I could benefit from some help in uncovering and blind spots or giving me a little added validation/confidence about decisions I’m making.

A few years ago I did a coaching course, and I really enjoyed playing the role of both the coach and the coachee. I found that it often worked better when I was paired with someone who knew nothing about my area of professional expertise, because it encourages curiosity and avoids assumptions. The curse of knowledge sometimes means straying into mentoring, and coaching is (I think) all about helping people unlock the answer that they themselves have within them.

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