Day Notes – 02/11/23

Just enough detail, just enough accuracy

This post by Audree Fletcher is a corker in articulating why planning a long journeys in granular detail is often doomed to fail. Whilst it provides a comfort blanket of false certainty, there are generally any number of variables that will change and require an alteration of plans.

This of course isn’t to say that we shouldn’t try to plan the way ahead, but as Audree points out it’s finding the balance of what’s just enough to move in the right direction with degree of confidence. Then once you’re underway, check at sensible intervals whether anything has changed and if that requires a course correction.

Curated vulnerability

I plucked this term from a post written by Paul Taylor about the way people present themselves on different social media networks. Paul perfectly describes this, so I’m going to quote him…

Oversharing our vulnerabilities on social media, under the guise of authenticity, has become a double-edged sword in the digital age. While the intent may be genuine, the consequences are often counterproductive. People risk diluting their true selves in a sea of curated vulnerability.

I can see two sides to this. I think we have to accept that some people are trying to game the algorhithm, knowingly or not in immitating other popular posts.

The positive interpretation is that people may be selectively sharing vulnerabilities, because they’re showing a side of themselves that they feel comfortable in showing.

I think it would take an usual amount of boldness to list all your insecurities in a public post. I wonder if there’s something inauthentic about that too? It might seem normal to be vulnerable with someone you know, but abnormal to do so with complete strangers? I’m sure there’s a concept that Brene Brown talks about in terms of trying to force or hardwire connection by over sharing.

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