Weekly Braindump #2

Weekly Braindump is a curated list of things I’ve worked on, thought about, listened to or read during the last 7 days.

I’ve been working on…

  • Tackling overgrown network drives. Have we all become accustomed to seemingly infinite cloud storage space? (yes)
  • Starting some discussion on user centered service design and how we could benefit from it.
  • Prototyping a rewards ‘thing’ to make digital training fun for staff. Complete some training, get a badge! Collect the whole set! More carrot, less stick.
  • Doing some initial scouting of how we could build an open map of community assets (things like gardening clubs, community groups etc). OPEN being the operative word — we don’t want to be gatekeepers of it. Would love to speak to you if you’ve already done this!
  • Dusting off the old SQL Server skills (or lack thereof) to automate a regular local copy of a web based system for on-premises reporting.
  • Enrolled in a self-learning u.lab course on leading from the emerging future (although I haven’t finished my pre-requisite homework yet!)

I’ve been thinking about…

  • If the yearly business plan is the metronome for change, perhaps we need a faster metronome (3 or 6 months?) with smaller blocks of work?
  • How things like ABCD and User Centered Service Design fit into what we think of as the traditional framework strategy/projects/objectives. Do the parameters need to be a bit looser to allow more creativity to discover problems and find solutions.
  • I’ve been pondering the The Void again this week. What steps can I take to ensure that my personal learning doesn’t leave me isolated from others? (aka — bringing people with you as you learn)
  • All things Virtual Reality and the possible business applications thereof.
  • The ethics of virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google). As we increasingly humanise some of these interfaces, should we be a bit wary of the information they are giving us? “Good morning Neil, my sensors indicate you are dehydrated. Shall I add coke to your grocery list?”

I’ve been reading…

I’ve been listening to…

  • TED Talk — The future of money. Great encapsulation of the benefits of bitcoin and the blockchain and how it could drive innovation in the way we use currency.
  • BBC Click : Futurefest. Interesting discussions about augmented humans.

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