Weekly Braindump #32

Digital Leadership & Learning at Lunch.

Hello! Welcome to the weekend. Here’s a very brief recap of my week.

I’ve been reading…

I’ve been watching…

I’ve been working on…

  • I’ve set a date for the lunchtime learning/lightening talk experiment. 3 speakers, 20 minutes each. Good range of topics too! I’ll report back how this goes in about two weeks.
  • Had a department come in to look at the kanban board. Looking back at the original blog post, I’ve been running the board for 3 months now. Interestingly, seems to attract attention in waves. This week I’ve been reminded of adoption curves — could be somewhat related (early adopters, early majority etc). Also, I REALLY need to write up some reflections on its use before the finer points evacuate my brain.

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