Weekly Braindump #8

Weekly Braindump is a curated list of things I’ve worked on, thought about, read or listened to during the last 7 days.

I’ve been working on…

  • Back to work following a very much needed two week break!
  • Patching & updated some odds and ends following penetration testing. Fortunately, no major security holes to report!
  • Had a good meeting with colleagues about progress on our digital services and digital inclusion. I’m part way through a post expanding on how I think those two things are inextricably linked.
  • @Kath_cadwynHA pointed me in the direction of the EAST Framework. TLDR version — it’s a way to encourage behavioural change (within ethical boundaries of course!). Looks really practical.
  • Had a brill chat with Steve Dimmick regarding DooPoll and how it might be used in the context of Social Housing.

I’ve been thinking about…

  • Roxanne Persaud prompted me to revisit an old blog post I started writing last year on a framework for innovation. Wrote someupdate thoughts here if you’re interested : https://neiltamplin.me/revisiting-a-framework-for-innovation-b2cb954440a8#.te93taw8j
  • I’ve been pondering lots of customer experience type stuff this week. Increasingly, it seems like the end game is to ensure that no matter what the tenant/customer/user is trying to achieve, they should not have to know anything about the internal machinations of our organisation, nor who deals with what. Our job then, is to quickly and seamlessly figure out what they want to do and ensure they’re interacting with the right system/person to achieve it.
  • Following a surprisingly turbulent but familiar political saga in America, I’ve been wondering what this dark new pattern means for the future. People who feel like they don’t have a stake in the system seem all to happy to engineer its destruction. And yet, scrambling for the centre ground (in the UK at least) trying to please everyone and no one seems to be how we pushed the left and right further apart and created such polarisation. Pfft.. I hope wiser and more knowledgeable people than I are working on a solution.

I’ve been reading…

I’ve been listening to…

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