Weeknotes S1 E4 2020

  • I wrote a post about The Minimum Viable Team as a way of thinking/working out loud. I got lots of super useful suggestions and advice via the excellent people of Twitter. I now need to write a second iteration, incorporating what I’ve learned thus far.

  • It feels like it was a meeting heavy week. That’s not bad thing if it helps advance things forward. I’m not convinced I’m striking the balance correctly at the moment. Perhaps I need to start quantifying that and proposing a different format (other than a meeting) where appropriate. This probably gels quite nicely with our planned switch to GSuite and trying to adopt smarter collaborative (and sometimes asynchronus) modes of work. *brain whirring sound*
  • I setup the snappily named Valleys To Coast Design and Tech Blog as publication on Medium. This is part of our commitment to try and work more in the open to make things better.
  • I participated in some data entity mapping which you can read about on our aforementioned shiny new blog

I’ve been reading…

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