Weeknotes S1 E5 2020

  • The funny thing about Weeknotes is that as soon as I start writing them, my head becomes a brilliant blank canvas absent of thought. 🤷‍♂️ Cue me browsing my work calendar, trying to remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done.
  • A small but perfectly formed group of Housing Camp Cymru campmakers gathered for a first meeting (Polly Thompson & Tom Harrison & me!). Amongst other things, we referenced the incredibly useful unconference handbook (shout out to James Arthur Cattell) to ensure we had the basics covered. I’ve since been thinking about how we might ‘work out loud’ whilst in planning and organising stages to help develop a community around the event before it actually happens.
  • I’ve started an experiment of working from home one day a week to give myself at least one block of uninterrupted time. As a team we’ve begun to use Wednesday as anchor point in the week for team meeting or other planned get togethers. This helps us converge and diverge more effectively. Although it does mean that Wednesday is a bit of a meeting-pocalypse.
  • I had a really excellent chat with Kelly Doonan, learning about her work helping people navigate change. I left that conversation thinking about my role in making change sustainable and giving people the right kind of support to endure what can feel deeply uncomfortable for lots of different underlying reasons.

I’ve been reading…

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