Weeknotes S1 E6 2020

  • With flu running rampent in our household and a series of child related school events in the run up to half term, I’ve been extremely grateful for flexible working and understanding colleagues! This week has been like playing life on the hard difficulty setting.
Gif caption: “The grind never stops!”
  • GSuite, Trello and Slack (alernatives are of course available) really do go a long way to enable a distributed mode of work, which I’ve really needed this week. It’s also been fun introducing colleagues to them for the first time. Because they’re boringly awesome, it sometimes takes a little time to discover why Word, Sharepoint etc. have been hard work.
  • Some things which have been sticky for a while have become unstuck, which great because we can move on and have different conversations and think about different things.
  • I’ve witnessed some really excellent cross team working this week, and because of it, good things happened faster with better outcomes. 🙂
  • It feels like talking to suppliers about user needs (and that we are often NOT the users) is becoming somewhat normalised. It’s occasionally met with blank stares and sometimes answered as ‘ah yes, we’ve spoken to tenant scrutiny groups before as part of a tender’. This feels like a small but important step in the right direction… make these conversations normal!

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