Weeknotes S2 E1 (2019 Edition)

Hello! Happy.. err.. Wednesday!

Having had a little celebration about keeping weeknotes going through the first quarter (or season) of the year, I then promptly skipped a week and a bit. 😀 Although I did write a season review last week.. so, it’s not like I’ve been totally lax.. right reader?

So, first things first. Last week I was able to officially announce that I’ve landed a rather amazing new job as IT/Digital Delivery Manager for Valleys To Coast housing association.

Super excited!!! This feels like the culmination of one journey and the start of another, or perhaps it’s just the same long journey? Anyway, it’s an exciting new chapter and I’m sure it’s going to challenge and stretch me in plenty of areas that I’ve been longing to explore.

At the same time, I’m sad to be leaving some excellent colleagues and an organisation that has endeavoured to operate with high trust and punch above its weight.

What I do is quite core to my identity, perhaps more so as I’ve grown older and gained a better understanding of myself and what I’m about. So by proxy, my work at Cadwyn has been one of my key drivers wanting to get up every day and do things better than the day before. I depart with lots of fond memories of what has been a quite a formative chunk of my life. (I had hair when I started.. although hair loss is not necessarily correlated to my employment!!)

In preparation for my exit (or Nexit as as one of my coworkers coined) I’ve been ensuring that all my institutional knowledge is stored somewhere other than my brain. Over the last couple of years I’ve been striving to make things open (project teams, meeting notes, documentation) but I’m sure there’s stuff that I only I know.. but I don’t know that, and so I’m trying out some different ways of uncovering those subject areas including, but not limited to..

  • Asking people if they’ve got everything they need to do <insert process, project or system here>
  • Keeping a running list of things that the team have asked for more clarity on.
  • Delegating some of my usual tasks to see if there’s sufficient documentation or knowledge to get them done without intervention.

As the clock has just clicked over into Thursday morning, that’s my queue to wrap this weeknote up. That’s all from me this week. I’m planning to utilise the 4 day weekend to recharge my battery and otherwise not think about work for a bit.

See you on the other side!

Hwyl fawr!!

I’ve been consuming…

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