Weeknotes S2 E2 (2019 Edition)

Ten working days left till my departure from Cadwyn Housing Association! (actually 9 as I’m about to hit the publish button on Monday evening). I’m now really trying to focus in on where best to invest my remaining time to leave things in the best possible place. Currently I’m in the thick of making sure the niche (and probably infrequently needed) information is somewhere accessible to the team.

I’m bouncing between two predominant feelings.. “Hey, all this working in the open stuff really paid dividends, I don’t have to write much up at all” and.. “Oh god, I haven’t written much up at all. I must be forgetting something really crucial!!”.

It generally feels a bit weird to be handing stuff off and knocking about in a mostly advisory capacity. I feel a bit like Marty McFly in Back To The Future slowly fading as the timeline deviates. (That sounds really dark and foreboding! It’s all good and largely by design. I don’t feel like I’m being erased from history reader!)

In other news, I purchased a new keyboard last week for the ‘home office’. Best £29 I’ve ever spent. Not only does it have pleasingly clicky mechanical keys, it’s got whizzy RGB LED lighting effects.

Lastly, I listened to a really great Adam Grant Worklife podcast last week about ‘When strengths become weakness’. I think what I found most interesting is that it observed that 1) much of education and the workplace is still dwelling on weakness as a route to excellence, which is largely utter tosh and can make people miserable by forcing them to be something they’re not. And 2) that strengths are not inherently ‘good’. They are instead morally agnostic. It is how we choose to apply our strengths that determines the positive or negative effect on the world around us.

For example, you might be a charismatic and persuasive speaker, but if you aren’t holding the space open for other people talk, is that good? Worth a listen and further consideration.

When Strength Becomes Weakness – WorkLife with Adam Grant
Excellence comes from doing what you do best-but you need to make sure you're doing it at the right times.

That’s it for this week. TTFN!!

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