Weeknotes S2 E1 2021

Hello! Happy Friday! April.. already? Where is the time going etc. etc.?!

Nice to welcome the sun back though eh? Sunshine in the morning, lighter evenings, not quite so rainy as before. As someone wisely said on a video call this week, talking about the weather is the ultimate ice breaker. Ever since I’ve been keeping a mental tally of how many video calls start that way. It’s a lot.

This will be a short one because I’m feeling the need to power off my brain for a bit and open a small celebratory Friday beverage.

I’ve been doing…

I feel I’ve neglected my weeknotes here somewhat, but I have been redirecting my weeknoting energies into internal ‘project weeknotes’. It’s still relatively early days, but I’ve loved seeing them pop up every Friday. And I think they capture the inherent messyness of the work as bump up against blockers and find ways to navigate them. That doesn’t make them any easier to write during the weeks when progress has been difficult despite concerted efforts. But I think they will be super useful to refer to in the future rather than falling into the trap of retrospective coherence.

I’ve been thinking about…

It’s been an age since I wrote anything approaching a blog post. For whatever reason I had an urge to put fingers to keyboard and ponder about patterns of work for the on-the-way-but-not-yet-post-pandemic-era.

I’ve also been pondering when to choose synchronous and asychronous modes of work. The thread of responses made me realise that I’ve got a bias for written information (he says.. whilst writing a weeknote).

(Twitter embed seems to be broken on Medium.. so here’s a link to the tweet reference above: https://twitter.com/NeilTamplin/status/1382677990174306306 )

I’ve been reading/listening to…

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