Weeknotes S4 E1 2021

Happy Friday! I’m attempting to get back into the weeknoting groove. To that end, I’m trying a condensed format to lower the barrier to pressing the publish button.

Good things

  • Starting to see the use of user stories and prototypes being used in the team to better understand the work and challenge assumptions.
  • Also encouraging to see the team challenging tech suppliers about the user centredness (or lack thereof) of their products. This has prompted some changes too which I’m chalking up as a win. More of this!
  • I’ve recently done some training on coaching which I’ve found enjoyable. I don’t know if I’m a good coach, but I do enjoy listening to other people talk about their challenges and I’m generally curious, which seems to be a useful combination when applied here.

Learned things

  • The double diamond is missing the crucial bit where you put the solution into practice.
  • Small teams often need people who can wear multiple hats.
  • When everything feels like it’s moving, introducing more structure (perhaps even constraints?) can be helpful.


  • Hard things are hard. Which is logical, but I need a regular reminder.
  • Too much work in progress is easy to spot, but not so easy to resolve.
  • There may be a limit to the number of hats you can feasibly wear at the same time.

Stuff I’ve been reading / listening to / watching

Tweets of note (that I noted)

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