Weeknotes S3 E5 (2019 Edition)

Happy Friday! High fives for completing another week.

I’ve been…

  • Having a reasonably productive week, which feels good. Sometimes some things seemingly coelesce when they’re ready to do so and not before.
  • Sometimes I get a little bit frustrated because things pop up that get in the way of other work.. but I must remind myself that this *IS* the work. Every problem is an opportunity to learn something and do things differently. Lots of small actions add up to big changes.
  • Working with a colleague on a Data Impact Privacy Assessment, which doesn’t sound like obvious fun, but is really interesting. Made me think in some very practical ways about how we use technology & data and ensure it’s done in an ethical manner. Again, touches on those principles of doing things WITH people.
  • Booked in for Map Camp on the 15th of October which I’m hugely excited about!!!
  • Helping someone with IT recruitment. Having been on both sides of this process in the last six months, I’m hoping I can add some value.
  • Talking to someone about public sector events. Inevitably I spoke about why unconferences appeal to me (and positively terrify or turn off others). I enjoy the mixture of abstract and practical sessions that are run by lots of different people who do lots of different things. I love the potential for joining up the dots. The tricky part is.. so what. What will you do with what you’ve learned and heard? Are you prepared to go away and be the change you want to see in the world?
  • I was a user research subject for someone doing a discovery about repairs services. I’ve worked in social housing for a while so have lots of thoughts about this. I talked a lot. It was also interesting being a user research participant!
  • I got a new job title!

I’ve been reading…

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