Weeknotes S3 E7 (2019 Edition)

I’ve been…

  • Enjoying a Saturday at UKHealthCamp in Newport. I’m finishing off this weeknote inbetween sessions! As ever, the unconference format proves to be an excellent excellent brain food and an essential power source for my militant optimism battery that we can do stuff better together.

  • Not writing weeknotes. I appear to have been on an uninentional two week hiatus. It’s all good, perhaps it was needed! 🙂
  • Thinking about how this thing we call digital transformation needs to be sustainable and not break people/teams/organisations in the quest to mirror Sillicon Valley.

  • Hugely enjoying reading through user research that colleagues conducted using a prototype of our digital services. This is pragmatism in action. We’re using a ‘customised off the shelf product’. We’ve been struggling a little bit to get our hands on it to ‘show the thing’ to other people to challenge our assumptions. So we knocked up a paper prototype of what we envisage the actual thing will look like. Feedback has been great, as have my budding user research colleagues. The great thing about the proliferation of tech in every day life is that many people can often spot when things aren’t as easy to use or understand as they might be.
  • Attending my first ever Service Design Cardiff Meetup. Excellent talks on all things Organisational Change. Some interesting points I picked up on. Making a map of anything with others is at least as useful as having the map itself. People trained in design are not always trained in the art of navigating organisational politics. Our workplaces are often not wired to work with things in a systemic, iterative and continuous manner.

I’ve been reading…

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