Weeknotes S4 E2 (2019 Edition)

What have I been up to?

  • Simon Wardley’s idea of Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners reminds us that different people are good at working in different domains. An engineer cannot neccesarily switch between driving operational effiency and experimenting with radical new ideas. Even within professions, we need different types of people to innovate in different ways during the evolution of a product/service/team/organisation.
  • This week we talked about making some stickers. I’d also like to do some mission patches for the big bit of work we’re doing at the moment on switching off some legacy tech. This makes me happy.
  • It seems we have unoffically adopted the noble otter as our team mascot. This also makes me happy. And yes, you’d better believe we’ll have some otter related stickers.
  • This post by Ben Holliday on new models of service ownership and leadership got my brain whirring. Particularly expanding the role that housing associations play as connectors across different public services. As Ben says.. “ Taking a whole service approach makes sense if you start to optimise and prioritise how your organisation works around whole services — like ‘finding a place to live’ as part of a housing system”
  • I had a random whim on the morning commute to transpose our system map onto a Wardley map. I’ll be honest, I’m still at a point where I have no idea if what I’ m doing makes any sense, but it feels useful to persist and push through the discomfort.
  • I’m reminded that in some of the spots where we should standardise, the market has not yet caught up. How might we help it catch up? *thoughtful face emoji*

I’ve been reading…

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