Weekly Braindump #18

Transformation, Transformation, Transformation

I’ve been working on…

  • More finessing of those Digital Transformation Principles I wrote up last week. Should be doing the rounds amongst colleagues this coming week as we open up discussion and see who can help move the conversation along.
  • I was reminded that doing big hardware orders is a time consuming (mind numbing) process. Trying to nail down the right thing for the right price takes ages, especially due to the Brexit price hike. Whatever happened to ‘Bring Your Own Device’?
  • We did an organisational SWOT analysis this week to help inform the business strategy. It’s always really interested to sit a in room with a random mix of co-workers and observe how others perceive things. We’ve been promised a collated version of feedback from all the SWOT session, so will be good to see what sort of themes emerge.

I’ve been reading…

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