Weeknotes S2 E6 (2019 edition)

Weeknotes S1 E6 (2019 edition)

Compared to previous weeks which have been a bit disjointed, this week has been about laser focus on smoothing out the bumps in an end-to-end process that spans three teams. It’s involved speaking to different people to gather jigsaw pieces, then intermittently holding the partially completed picture up to see if we all agree that it looks like the thing on the box. Except not everyone is totally sure how many pieces are in the jigsaw, or where the corners are. Does this analogy still work?

This work has also gelled quite nicely with my generalist tendencies. I’ve needed to write a modest bit of SQL to export some data, cobble together a powershell script to automate an interface, work with an external developer to squash some bugs, map processes, conduct (extremely light!) user research and do a bit of working out loud to reach a shared understanding between stakeholders.

Overall, I’d say that uninterrupted focus has been satisfying. I mused recently about the difficulties of time slicing between work that requires a degree of immersion before you can resume progress. I’d say this week is pretty good evidence that focusing on fewer things translates into progress, momentum and positivity!

In other news I’ve signed up to be a ‘campmaker’ for GovCamp Cymru 2019 (which means I’m volunteering to help out with the running of it however I can). I have a deep love for GovCamp Cymru as one of the things that inspires me and tops up my mojo. I’ve written about it previously in 2016 and 2017. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates.

I think I’m going to wrap my weeknotes there. It’s been a brilliantly productive week, but I’m also *really* ready to switch my brain off for a bit! See you all next week. Hwyl fawr ffrindiau!

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